Utopian Dialogue
People and
The Landscape


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Nick Pont's exhibition of paintings and drawings, People and The Landscape is a series based entirely around Sydney’s eastern beaches. Pont interprets the changing of culture and landscape mediated through historical stories and present observations.

Whether painting a mysterious, vivid landscape from the perspective of a floating angel or a surreal technicolour noseless bearded figure holding a beer with someone else’s hand, Pont harnesses the energy of his poetic imagery to create what he calls ‘a true Australian narrative’, turning historical characters like William Anderson of Tamarama’s Wonderland City, Bondi Caveman and Nosey Bob into unforeseen icons opposing the modern day rat-race grind.

In drawings Malabar Pool, North Bronte and Coogee Street Corner the changing of place over time is shown through blurred, blotchy and dense waves of ink. While observational works North Bondi Swimmer, Lamrock Place Cricket and Another Day at Gordon’s Bay provide a sense of present life amongst the environment where figures surrounded by cratered rocks or tranquil back alleyways appear absorbed by nature. In his portraiture work Pont reduces features to blocks of heavily contrasted and saturated colour. No figures are left more important than another. Duke and Dodds are rendered in a similar way to a lifeguard or bather, to provide an impression of equality throughout the work.

Nick Pont, through his art, shows the quirky nature of humanity and embraces it with all its faults and humour.

People and The Landscape was shown at Bondi Pavilion Gallery, December 2014.